High School Changemaker Challenge

Congratulations to the 2024 Champions!

SolarLens winners with giant check

First place: Full tuition
SolarLens: Jacob Barnwell and Elie Duff (New Tech Institute, Evansville, Ind.)

SolarLens is a solar powered streetlight with a monitored dome camera attached to it. It will all be in one unit and established into the Evansville Promise Neighborhood to help improve the quality of life by saving money on energy and helping lower the crime rate in the city of Evansville.

UpLift18 winners with giant check

Second place: $27,000 per year
UpLift18: Claire Deardorff and Jennifer Vazquez (Signature School, Evansville, Ind.)

UpLift18 raises awareness about human trafficking by providing education, prevention, student empowerment, and community service opportunities. UpLift18 creates a meaningful impact for students in fighting human trafficking.

Boomerang Learning winners with giant check

Third place: $23,000 per year
Boomerang Learning: Kris Lau, Abdul-Aleem Mohammed, and Parth Patel (Signature School, Evansville, Ind.)

Boomerang Learning is program to help students that have had trouble catching up to Indiana standards post COVID and to help students who are falling behind their peers.